i duno how....
i feel not stressed when i dunit to think about it
but if i support, i sked u misund.


Hats off to the man
On top of the world
Come crawl up here, baby
And we can watch this damn thing turn
If you wanna be my friend
And you wanna repent
And you want it all to end
And you wanna know when
Well do it now Do it now
Take a long last bow
Take my hand Make a stand
And blow it all to hell

i miss 32.. i hope i would be in her better part of the 'decision'.. gave up everything for this..

give me all the strength to carry on.


went to watch miss astro at sunway jus now.. the jam was fucked kenot find parking for 30mins dulan like hell ..

anyways yeah im an impatient guy.. in some situations i could be very fuckin patient, but for most of the situations im very impatient.. sometimes my lack of patience could fuck things up really badly and who knows it better than me. once i was rushin to cross a junction and ended up hitting a taxi really badly motherfucker arrrgh.

and rship wise, i tend to rush in too fast.. sometimes i can be really indifferent to emotions, but once i started investing emotions into it, it will fuck me up faster than u can say "MEOW". i know i should wait sometimes, to let the feelings settle in slowly but after losing something u know how precious it is to you, then you just cant wait to get it back.. either way, this situation is fucked for me.. if i try to rush, i might lose it forever.. but if i wait, i might lose it also because feelings could fade without the proper elements to sustain it.

sometimes i hope i could get some sense knocked into me.. i mean literally, like smashing a bottle to my head, or getting hit by a frying pan or whatever the fuck you can think of. i'm a stubborn fuck and words aren't enough to change my mindset. but no matter what a girl does to me, i will never blame her for doing so because i feel like i deserve it.. i'm just being too stupid

oh fuck it enough with the rship stories anyways after watchin miss astro the road was still quite jammed so i hopped into Monti's to check out the new dj, and im pretty glad that he plays the retro stuffs like the previous dj.. so we can stil go there for cheap drinks, good music, and pool =D

and the manager there stil recognise me.. anyways its dam easy to recognise me lar.. how many ppl shave the side of the head and tie hair at the back haha.. and the uncle there also stil gila.. but it feels so different going there alone since im basically the quiet type (until i've had too much drinks then i'll become VERY approachable and outgoing hahahaha)


blog reopened.. kena threaten by waifon i so dam scared now T_T

nothin much interesting happen these few days except today my luck damn fucking puki bad..

1. sleepy while driving almost bang car

2. lost the fucking parking ticket, pay 50 for no goddamn reason

3. reach college terus rain like puki and kena rain

4. at college downstair, no fren around teman me drink my sorrows away

5. car almost ran out of petrol

6. reach home 10pm wanted order pizza to cheer myself up BUT PUKI FUCKING CIBAI DOMINO DIN PICK UP THEIR FAGGOT ASS PHONE SO I COULDN'T ORDER

but this is some funny shit i ran into when registering for oneddl forum (i know u think its a porn forum since they ask this question but actualy its not, its a forum to download movies/series and suddenly i pop into this random question hahahahahah)


don read

feeling empty.. been feelin like this since the day she went away..

its just one week left and i cant wait to see her again.. i wanna hold her in my arms and feel complete again.

i seriously do fucking wish that i can get that one chance to make things right.

this is it..what love means.. no? ever love somebody so much u can barely breathe when you're with em. u meet and neither one of you even know what hit 'em, got that warm fuzzy feeling .. =D

sometimes i feel like read her blog to find out what she's thinking.. but scared to find out things that i dont wanna know.. i cant read her mind what she's thinking.. she say she'll give me the answer when she comes back and from the looks of it , it doesnt seem like a good answer for me.. im just guessing .. i hope it turns out good for me.. or maybe she wana surprise me.. hahaa im hoping for too much. if i can get her back i'm never gona let her slip away again.......

i dont think this is teenage love anymore.. my head is so fucked..

i am so fucked without her.................

please come back to me